Wednesday, 27 August 2008

This Lil Ninja Went To Market...

But first, this lil ninja stayed home...

I asked my Mum to check my Ninja Puppet tutorial for mistakes and while she was at it, she made a ninja puppet!
But not just any ninja, he's a mini tomato ninja finger puppet!


Isn't he cute! X3
As you can see he's tiny, and very good at hiding among tomatoes.
If you want to make one just use my free Ninja Glove Puppet pattern but greatly reduced.
glue on the felt and don't add a lining, tho he'll prbably still need a bit of stuffing in his head!

And please folks, watch out for mini ninja lurking in your veggies! 0_0

It's ninja all round again today, this Lil Ninja is up for sale on Etsy now!


He's one of many slightly miss-shapen but totally lovable Ninja prototypes that have been popping up everywhere here!
It's funny really, I managed to make a complex toy like oscar almost completely right first time, but getting this simple lil ninja's shape right is proving most taxing! ^^"
So, expect more ninja prototypes on Etsy in the future! ;)

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