Friday, 15 August 2008

Free Ninja Puppet Sewing Pattern!

After making some pretty complex toys I decided I wanted to relax and design something quick, fun and easy, the result was a ninja glove puppet!

He amused me so much I decided to take the oppertunity to make a free tutorial of how to make him so I could share the ninja puppet goodness with the world! \ ^_^ /

He's really easy to make so even novice sewers can have a go, and if you have any problems or feedback about my tutorial, please let me know!

Here's the cover to the pattern booklet so you can see him.
Sorry for the rubbish photos, the light was bad by the time I finished making him! ^^"

You can download the pattern and instructions on how to make him on the Extra page.
Please feel free to tell your friends about this tutorial, or write about it on your blog or forum, spread the word! ^^


jennifer said...

I like!

Free sewing patterns have never been so delightful.

Not only stylishly presented, but great instructions too.

Thank you

shiro said...

Thank you!
I'm glad you like it! ^^

I appreciate your feedback on the pattern as it's one of the first I've written.

Have fun making ninja! X3

Fiber Focus said...

I just started a new blog on cultural crafts and will add your very cute ninja. Hopefully, it will send people over to your split personality wonderful blog! (I jumped around a bit...)

shiro said...

Awesome, thanks very much! ^^
I'll have a look at your blog! X3

Stephanie Stokes said...

Hi I'm looking for the Black NINJA PUPPET PATTERN ... link is not working .... Dec 5th is Ninja Day and we are sharing ideas over at

please advise