Friday, 29 August 2008

shiro art in New York!

I have 3 peices of work in the Railroad Ties/Sweet and Seldom Seen 2 show that's on now at the Kismet Gallery in New York!

For the Railroad Ties part of the show which had to be related to railways in some way I did a pair of paintings titled 'Life On The Line'
Inspired by the fact that railway lines, used and disused are great places for wildlife, a great place for my lil stoat Kit and probably many of his friends to hang out!

For the Sweet and Seldom Seen part of the show I sent these 2 sculptures of Kit, unimaginativly titled 'Big Kit, Little Kit':

And finally I also sent Sydney!
Hope you're having a fabulous time in New York and making lots of influential friends Syd! X3

And they're all for sale, so snap up some shiro art state side right now!

The show runs from today until 24th September so if you're in the area please go an check it out!
For more info visit the Kismet Gallery Website.

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