Saturday, 21 November 2009

Project 52 - November

This month's set of paintings were more good than bad, but still nowhere near perfect.



Project 52 Flickr Set

The best paintings from Project 52 are avaliable from Redbubble as high quality prints.
Also a calendar of the best of the best is now available.

If you like the images from Project 52, maybe you'll like the story that inspired them and was in turn inspired by them. It's called Windmaster and is available now from Lulu.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Ice Cream in November

Gulls screech, waves pound the shore,
Bitter salt on my lips.
Freezing wind upon my cheeks,
Fingers numb with cold.
Pin sharp flecks of rain strike my face,
The smell of the sea.
My ears filled with the shingle’s roar,
A good day for ice cream.

Monday, 2 November 2009

GAH! Get Ready for CHRISTMAS!

I know, it's too early to think about Christmas yet! But if you want to snag the coolest goodies and get them delivered in time then I'm afraid it's time to focus!

I've added lots of new stuff to my Etsy store , and there's a few more items to go on over the next week or so, so go check out what's on offer, you might just spot that perfect gift. Remember many of these are one off plushies or limited edition figures, great for a unique gift.


If you are ordering please bear in mind the Christmas posting deadlines!
I am based in England so please order early if you want the item in time for Christmas.
Royal Mail christmas posting deadlines are:
4th December for South & Central America, Caribbean, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia, New Zealand & Australia
10th December for Japan, USA, Canada & Eastern Europe
11th December for Western Europe
15th December (parcels) for UK

And don't forget there's lots of prints and t-shirts and even calendars for sale on RedBubble too!

Tiny-FuuTiny-Trio-1Mr B - Singing in the Autumn


Happy Christmas Shopping to ya all! ^^