Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy Holidays Folks


I decorated the xmas cake this year, but was limited to icing and marzipan hence the yellow penguins! XD"

The cake has a story with it too:

As everyone well knows Polarbears and Penguins live at opposite sides of the world and can never meet.
but obviously in this modern age, sometimes a polarbear will strike up a friendship with a penguin via the internet.
And sometimes, on special holidays like xmas maybe they will want to visit each other.

William the polarbear has caught the Ice-flow Express to the Antarctic to exchange gifts with his good friends Wilfred, Rodney and Thomas the penguins! X3

Friday, 19 December 2008


I had another nice surprise today when I dropped by at RedBubble, one of my designs was featured on thier home page!


The theme was bears and my design Star Bear was in some excellent company!
Bears have been top of my favorite animal list for a long time and are a long time inspiration, so to get featured for the first time during a bear theme is extra special! X3

It won't be up for long so go check out Star Bear and the other excellent bears on Redbubble's hompage today!

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Congrats on 6th place Rufus!

Much to my surprise and delight, Rufus the troll, came 6th in the Etsy best toy contest!
Out of 60 entries I was really amazed he was so high up!
It seems voting was pretty close too, so he wasn't far behind the winner in votes!
Congrats Rufus! \ ^_^ /
And thanks to anyone who voted for him! ^^


He's still needing a new home, so if anyone wants to buy this popular fella please visit my Etsy store!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Vote for Rufus!

Well today I had a great surprise Rufus the troll, a mouth puppet thats for sale in my Etsy store has been nominated for 'Holiday 2008: Choose Your Favorite Toy!' contest!


He's one of 60 toys you can vote for, so please go here and vote for him, or whichever is your favorite toy!

Out of the millions of amazing toys that must be on Etsy, I'm really proud of Rufus for making it into this contest! ^^

Monday, 1 December 2008

Crafty Christmas

Christmas is closing on us fast now and the annual shopping frenzy will no doubt descend. So here’s a few ideas and tips to make your Christmas shopping a little easier.

My top tip is, buy handmade!

There are a lot of good reasons to buy a handcrafted gift for your loved ones.
Handmade gifts are most likely unique, you won’t find stacks of them in every store, so you can be sure you’re giving a very special gift.

Whether you made it yourself or it was handmade by someone else, I think the fact you took the time to pick out a special handmade gift for someone will make the person receiving it, appreciate the gift more.

Also rather than buying multiple generic gifts for someone, a single well picked handmade gift will do the trick and be much more special!

You can have a guilt free Christmas knowing your gifts were not made in a sweatshop, but lovingly, individually crafted by a skilled artist.

With online stores like Etsy, there are millions of handmade items easily to hand, you can avoid the Christmas chaos down the shops and order everything from the comfort of your own home!

If you want to give a handmade gift you made yourself, but don’t know what to make, how about buying a pattern to work from?
You can still make the design unique by changing colours and adding your own enhancements but it’s a good kicking off point.
Also you can make all the gifts you need from 1 pattern, so with only the materials and the cost of the pattern to pay, it’s a good way to save money.

And not only will these gifts make your Christmas great, but you’ll be giving crafters and artists out there a great gift too buy buying their items!

International shipping dates are closing fast so please order soon if you want an item for Christmas, I’ll do my best to post all items as swiftly as possible!

So take a look at my Etsy store, I've added lots of new items and readjusted my prices!
If you don't see the perfect gift in my store, check out all the other great stores on Etsy and buy handmade to make someone’s Christmas!