Thursday, 14 August 2008

New Blog! \ ^_^ /

Welcome to the all new shirotokuro blog!
Here, on the ocassional occasion that I have news I shall write about it!

Sorry the blog isn't very fancy looking, I had hoped to intergrate it into the site design better, but Blogger must have made some changes and it's a long time since I integrated a blog into a site and I can't figure it out!
Me am dumb! XP

So for now at least it's this plain old functional think! ^^"

You can get back to the site proper using the links on the right tho, so we're all hooked up here!

Talking of the site I've added another new section called 'Extra'. This page will be used for occassional random stuff I can't put anywhere else... it'll be random but it'll be cool, more news on what the first thing on the page will be soon, so watch the site or this blog! ;)

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