Friday, 29 August 2008

shiro art in New York!

I have 3 peices of work in the Railroad Ties/Sweet and Seldom Seen 2 show that's on now at the Kismet Gallery in New York!

For the Railroad Ties part of the show which had to be related to railways in some way I did a pair of paintings titled 'Life On The Line'
Inspired by the fact that railway lines, used and disused are great places for wildlife, a great place for my lil stoat Kit and probably many of his friends to hang out!

For the Sweet and Seldom Seen part of the show I sent these 2 sculptures of Kit, unimaginativly titled 'Big Kit, Little Kit':

And finally I also sent Sydney!
Hope you're having a fabulous time in New York and making lots of influential friends Syd! X3

And they're all for sale, so snap up some shiro art state side right now!

The show runs from today until 24th September so if you're in the area please go an check it out!
For more info visit the Kismet Gallery Website.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

This Lil Ninja Went To Market...

But first, this lil ninja stayed home...

I asked my Mum to check my Ninja Puppet tutorial for mistakes and while she was at it, she made a ninja puppet!
But not just any ninja, he's a mini tomato ninja finger puppet!


Isn't he cute! X3
As you can see he's tiny, and very good at hiding among tomatoes.
If you want to make one just use my free Ninja Glove Puppet pattern but greatly reduced.
glue on the felt and don't add a lining, tho he'll prbably still need a bit of stuffing in his head!

And please folks, watch out for mini ninja lurking in your veggies! 0_0

It's ninja all round again today, this Lil Ninja is up for sale on Etsy now!


He's one of many slightly miss-shapen but totally lovable Ninja prototypes that have been popping up everywhere here!
It's funny really, I managed to make a complex toy like oscar almost completely right first time, but getting this simple lil ninja's shape right is proving most taxing! ^^"
So, expect more ninja prototypes on Etsy in the future! ;)

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Big Ninja, on Etsy!

One of my toy prototypes is up for sale on Esty now!

I made Big Ninja as a test for a toy, he didn't quite look how I wanted him too, but he's still an awesome ninja and deserving of a good home! X3


There's lots of other stuff for sale too, so please check it all out! ^^

Friday, 15 August 2008

Free Ninja Puppet Sewing Pattern!

After making some pretty complex toys I decided I wanted to relax and design something quick, fun and easy, the result was a ninja glove puppet!

He amused me so much I decided to take the oppertunity to make a free tutorial of how to make him so I could share the ninja puppet goodness with the world! \ ^_^ /

He's really easy to make so even novice sewers can have a go, and if you have any problems or feedback about my tutorial, please let me know!

Here's the cover to the pattern booklet so you can see him.
Sorry for the rubbish photos, the light was bad by the time I finished making him! ^^"

You can download the pattern and instructions on how to make him on the Extra page.
Please feel free to tell your friends about this tutorial, or write about it on your blog or forum, spread the word! ^^

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Arthur The Magic Dragon - Featured!

My toy Arthur The Magic Dragon got featured in a Treasury on Etsy!
See Arthur being featured here! (but only for the next few days)

If you can't see that page or are too late to see him, here it is screencapped!

Arthur gets Featured!

Well done Arthur, and thanks to Crochetgal for giving me my first feature!

New Blog! \ ^_^ /

Welcome to the all new shirotokuro blog!
Here, on the ocassional occasion that I have news I shall write about it!

Sorry the blog isn't very fancy looking, I had hoped to intergrate it into the site design better, but Blogger must have made some changes and it's a long time since I integrated a blog into a site and I can't figure it out!
Me am dumb! XP

So for now at least it's this plain old functional think! ^^"

You can get back to the site proper using the links on the right tho, so we're all hooked up here!

Talking of the site I've added another new section called 'Extra'. This page will be used for occassional random stuff I can't put anywhere else... it'll be random but it'll be cool, more news on what the first thing on the page will be soon, so watch the site or this blog! ;)