Saturday, 15 November 2008

Farmyard Rock, Rockin' the Farmyard!

Farmyard Rock are:

Quentin Duck on vocals:
Lead singer of Farmyard Rock, and writer of all thier lyrics. His vocals have been described and heavenly as well as powerful.
Outrageous and energetic on stage, he's surprisingly sensitive and shy when not in the public eye.

Cowboy Horse on lead guitar:
Cowboy is the undisputed king of the guitar solo.
This along with his good looks means he always gets the most fan-mail.
Cowboy is the most rebelious member of the band, but he’s also a dedictaed friend to his band-mates.

Oscar Pig on bass guitar:
He's one funky pig and the most outlandish and outrageous member of the band!
He's always up for a joke or some crazy adventure.

Euan Sheep on keyboard:
A brilliant pianist he writes most of the music for the band.
Not afraid to try new things this is one sheep who does not follow the crowd!
Together with Bently, he's one of the more mature and sensible members of the band.

And last but not least, Bently Bull on drums:
Bently Bull is a skilled drummer with the best rythmn on the farm.
Bently formed the band with his best friend Cowboy Horse on guitar.
Steady headed as the band leader, Bently goes wild once he’s sitting at his drum kit.

Here's a snapshot of them performing at thier debut gig:

And a poster for thier upcoming tour!

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