Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dreamland Chronicles Character Hats!

Earlier this year the creator of The Dreamland Chronicles Scott Christian Sava saw my cat hats and asked if I might make some hats of the characters from his comic.
Being a fan of the Dreamland Chronicles and knowing him from a ways back now of course I wanted to give it a try.

I was still learning about sewing at the time so I didn't know how it might turn out, but overall I think they turned out pretty good!

There's Paddington Rumblebottom the Third who's a Rock Giant

Nastajia Ashenheart a royal elf
Short hair:
Nastajia - Short hair

Long hair:
Nastajia - Long hair

And Felicity a feisty cat-lady!

No brim:
Felicity - No Brim

There had been hopes of mass producing them however due to time money and other issues that has fallen by the wayside for now.

However these prototype hats are now up for sale in my Etsy store!

If you don't know the Dreamland Chronicles, go here and educate yourselves!
It's a fantastic and epic tale and with it's beautiful CGI artwork its also rather special in the comic world!
You can read it online, but even better, why not nip down the comic shop and buy the TPB so you can sit back and relax with it! ^^

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