Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fiona Dionaea

Fiona Dionaea was my entry to this years Jungle themed puppet contest at Puppet Project.
Sadly she didn't make the top 10 tho.
You can see the top 10 and vote for the winner at the Puppet Project site.




Fiona Dionaeaâs parents cultivated her talent for singing and acting from a young age and her talents quickly grew. Plucked from her jungle home just as her abilities ripened, she made a name for herself starring in some of the greatest movies of the 30âs and 40âs including numerous Tarzan films. She was always first choice among directors for the roles of lead carnivorous plant, and stood out from the crowd when placed among other exotic plant extras. She put down roots in Hollywood where she remains firmly planted to this day. Her career has blossomed although her talents have wilted in more recent years. She puts her continued youthful looks down to regular pruning and a strict diet of liquid plant feed with the occasional insect or small mammal that wanders too close.

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