Thursday, 23 October 2008

Ninja-Bear, Bear-Ninja!

Ninja-Bear, Ninja-Bear,
Sneaking here, peeping there,
Where's he hiding? Could be anywhere!
Oh, where is Ninja-Bear?

He's... heeeere!

Is he a bear in a ninja suit, or a ninja in a bear suit?

Bear-Ninja (or Ninja-Bear) will never reveal the answer, even if you were fortunate enough to be able to catch hold of him!

Sneaky and mysterious, he could be hiding in your bowl of cereal, or laundry basket right now and you'd never know he was there!

Ninja bear is so cute he's deadly!

Ninja Bear has popped up as a puppet:

A plushie:

He's quite numerous on T-shirt designs!

*These and more avaliable from RedBubble*

And now he can be all yours in the form of this adorable hand made phone charm!
Which is up for sale right now on Etsy!

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