Tuesday, 14 October 2008


As a child, a trip to Llandudno was never complete without peering over the side of the pier at the jellyfish!
In fact if there weren't any, it was a big dissapointment!

Now I can see cute jellies where ever I go because I've made a cute jellyfish phone charm!


There's no worries about getting stung by this little chap, his non-stinging stinger is made of harmless pretty beads.

And you can own one too as there's one for sale now on my Etsy!

I decided to make a backing card for the jelly charms.


Usually, because I am a Flash dunce, I take my vector illos into photoshop to add any gradients. However on this illo I did everything in Flash, and I'm pretty chuffed with the results!


I liked the design so much I have made it avaliable on Redbubble in 3 different styles as a t-shirt and prints.

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