Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

and um, Happy New Year! XD"

Yeah I've been slacking on the posts this year, sorry 'bout that, it's not due to a lack of creativity, just a lack of time. XP

Anyways I figured today was a good day to reveal to the world (gotta do it sometime I guess) That I have been learning the Tin Whistle!
'Oh dear me NO! Who let her loose with a whistle?' I hear you cry! XD"

HAHA I know, it's a frigtening thought given my past of failed attempts to learn instruments.
But did I give in and decide I just didn't have a musical bone in my body?
No I persevered! And amazingly I found I could actually produce somthing that does sound sort of musical on the tin whistle! \ ^_^ /

Should to wish/dare to hear proof of my almost musical abilities, here's some tin whistle tunes played by me! ^^

Most are Irish, hence the St. Patricks day link.

Song of Summer <- this is my favorite. X3

Peig Ryans

Boys of the Town

Claremans Hornpipe

This one's not Irish, it's from a Studio Ghibli film called Tales From Earthsea, I've always loved it and so I'm well chuffed to be able to play it! X3
Teru no Uta

No one bleeding at the ears?
Good good! XD"
While it's clear I'm never gonna be a master, I feel rather pleased with myself at having got this far and hopefully I can improve a bit too!

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