Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!

I never made any clothing before but I wanted to make a costume for Halloween and make it so I could wear it at other times too so it was practical.
I've also wanted to make a Totoro hoodie for ages.
I bought a hoodie pattern off Fitz patterns but had to redesign the hood to make it easier to do the ears. I also redesigned the sleeves to include mittens which I then added claws to. The sleeves have a hole at the back so you can get your hands out to do things.
The ears turned out a bit too floppy, and I would have done the teeth slightly differently if I did it again, but for my first costume and first clothing I love how it turned out.
It was a lot of hand sewing tho so I won't be doing a remake! XD"

My dad got me a massive pumpkin this year. It made 8 portions of soup, me and Tao and Zen ate the seeds and I also carved it into this:


It's Daruma-san. Maybe not the most traditional Daruma but, I like how it turned out.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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