Sunday, 3 May 2009

e-Mon Express Yourself!

What the heck is an e-Mon you may be wondering?
The answer, it's a neat transforming plushie that lets you express your moods and my latest sewing creation!

Check out e-Mon transforming:

The e-Mon (stands for 'Emotion Monster') has 2 faces, one grumpy, one happy (or whichever moods you choose to espress on your e-Mon) You can flip the face inside out to reveal the other face.
So when you're happy, let everyone know by showing e-Mon's happy face, and if you're feeling grumpy and irratable, flip him to his grumpy side as a warning to friends, family or co-workers!


The pattern to make your very own e-Mon is avaliable right now on Etsy!
So lets all start expressing ourselves in the e-Mon revolution!


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