Friday, 12 September 2008

Ryki TPB!

In a far and distant past life I was a comic book artist! X3

Ok so I still could be one, but well recently my creative urges have taken me in other directions.

However my first ever proper comic was sitting sadly neglected and unpublished and I decided it was time to get it out there into the world.

So after a long wait the Ryki TPB collecting issues 1-3 of my and Chris Sawyers comic Ryki plus loads of extras such as sketches and pin-ups, is avaliable now.
It's 124 pages B&W with full colour wrap-round cover and suitable for all ages.


Here's the blurb:
Brash and advanced, the Teku control any aspect of the mystical Eeko they wish. These conditions have done nothing to dampen the spirit of the Eeko. From their distorted past, looms a broken present and a questionable future. One brave Eekoian sets out on an adventure that will change the fate of an entire planet and will lead him back to the one place he does not want to return. Home.
And here's the website: Ryki site

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PS. If any of my family or friends is reading this, you'll probably get one for Xmas, so please consult me before buying a copy! XD"

Since we're talking comics I may as well tell you about my other major comic project, this time a solo project, it's called Ninja Tom's 'Philosophy of Life' and is also avaliable in a TPB collecting issues 1-4 plus some special short stories and all the other usual extras!
It's 170 pages B&W with full colour wrap cover and suitable for all ages.

Ninja Tom TPB Cover

Here's the blurb:
Fun, fights and philosophy for all the family! Master Ninja and Grizzly bear, Tom teaches his young apprentice Tayo through telling stories. An experiment in art and storytelling, this book collects issues 1 - 4 of the comic book 'Ninja Tom's 'Philosophy of Life''. It also includes 2 new bonus short stories and lots of new illustrations and a behind the scenes look at the making of Ninja Tom. Also learn about the inspiration behind each story and get clued up on some cool bear facts along the way! Suitable for all ages! Let me tell you a story...
And here's the website:

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